over een parallel universum

2^10^118 gaat over de mogelijkheid van een parallel universum. Een beetje dichterlijke vrijheid heb ik me wel moeten permiteren maar hey, dit is kunst en geen wetenschap 🙂 De achterliggende theorie voor dit gedicht moet natuurlijk nog wel even op deze website, vandaar deze post. Ik zag een uitermate interessante docu voordat ik het gedicht schreef maar dat is al een tijd geleden, ik heb geen idee meer welke dat was. Wel is er op het geweldige internet te vinden hoe de theorie in elkaar steekt.

Mijn bron: https://universe-review.ca/F02-cosmicbg09.htm


De specifieke tekst over 2 tot de macht 10 tot de macht 118:


” (..) The universe became so large that it looks flat within our event horizon, and in addition, the contents in the universe were mixed uniformly as witnessed by the CMBR.

Our universe with a size of about 1026 meters (as limited by the event horizon) is just a speck in comparison to this vast expand. The number of ways to arrange matter in the space outside our universe is enormous and each one would have its own event horizon (size); these are the parallel universes. Statistically, an arrangement similar to ours is bound to happen given enough space. Thus there would be universes identical to ours somewhere. However, we cannot communicate with any of these parallel universes because the speed of light is finite.

This conclusion is derived from elementary probability and does not assume speculative modern physics, merely that space is infinite (or at least sufficiently large) in size and almost uniformly filled with matter, as observations indicate. In infinite space, even the most unlikely events must take place somewhere.


Followings is a more elaborated deduction with simple mathematics:

The radius of the observable universe is taken to be 4×1026 m. It is assumed that the matter in the universe consists of nucleons, which has a radius of about 2×10-13 m.
Therefore, the universe has roughly 10118 partitions for the nucleons.
These partitions can be filled or unfilled according to the configuration of the universe. The total number of different arrangements is 210118.
A box with a radius of 210118×1026 m ~ 210118 m would exhausts all the possibilities. It contains possibly all kinds of parallel universes.
Beyond that box, universes – including ours – must repeat. The identical parallel universe would be about 210118 m away. ”



edit: vermoedelijk was dit de docu: