Renate Oude Nijeweme


Renate Oude Nijeweme focused on writing full-time after winning a short story competition created by two authors to find Twente’s finest writer. Although Renate writes mainly in Dutch, more and more stories in English are flowing from their pen. One of their latest short stories isThe Peber Paradox (English).

During the creative process, Renate likes to delve into projects and throws herself headlong into research work to shape the rhythm and imagery of new themes, genres and ideas. As part of their writing work, they founded their own publishing house, Luckenbooth.. Here they publish their own work, including the novella Insular and the poetry collection Oppervlaktespanning.

Renate is on Mastodon, Goodreads and Instagram. If you want to share something with them you can fill out this contactform

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